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                                                                                                               The craniosacral system consists of a tough membrane that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord. Within that membrane is cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). Its function is to produce, circulate, and reabsorb the CSF.  We monitor the rhythm and release or manipulate any restricted areas with the intention the body will start to heal itself. This technique enhances the body's own natural healing processes. The technique is a very gentle touch, about the weight of the nickel. Some people have a hard time feeling any movement during this treatment, because it is such a light touch. Our suggestion is to have an open mind and to only focus on what is going on inside. It is suggested to only think about what is happening and nothing else. The 10 step session (full body) can last 40 min to more than an hour. This treatment is non-intrusive and client may be fully clothed. It can also be used alone on specific areas during a regular massage session. This treatment helps; chronic pain, migraines, chronic fatigue, scoliosis, TMJ, post traumatic stress, falls, herniated discs, vertigo, and much more.

(Severe rheumatoid arthritis, acute TBI, herniated oblongata, and aneurysms are contraindicated for this treatment.)