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Dr Doug OBryan

    My decision to become a chiropractor, with the overall goal of becoming a positive community health figure, became clear to me during my childhood. I was one of those kids who was fascinated by the inner workings of every little toy, small electronic device, or large piece of power equipment, as I grew, the interest continued to develop. I found myself less content with merely accepting the fact that things work. This often prompted me to explore these items further, so I would find myself taking them apart to see what made them go.

 Growing older, I found that I had a passion for challenging myself. My passion grew so strong I decided to pursue a degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic. There, I discovered how dynamic our bodies really are. To be able to work with such an amazing creation as the focal point of my career is truly a gift I am blessed with. The challenge of making a positive change in every patient is tremendous, but it is also incomparable to any other challenge. To release a burden from one person's shoulders that would have plagued them in their everyday life is amazing.

My philosophies as a chiropractor are a little more reserved. I truly understand the parameters within the scope of my practice. I have set personal limitations on the health related guarantees I offer, but have NO limitations on possible end results! Being raised in an extended family that was filled with medical professionals, I was made very aware of how medicine and medical use can be overused and abused, but also aware of its importance at times. Therefore, to assure my patients well-being I have made personal relationships with various medical professionals in the area if a referral is necessary.

My first and foremost priority is my patient's overall health. It is my genuine hope that, by forming a partnership with each of my patients, together we can strive to achieve optimal long term health.