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Dr. Shawn Nelson

My journey to becoming a Chiropractor began with me as a patient in my early teens.  I was being treated for some debilitating migraine headaches that would take my vision from me.  The care I was receiving significantly reduced this.  When the time came to make some career choices in high school to focus on for further education; I chose Chiropractor, FBI agent, and stuntman (The Fall Guy was my favorite TV show and the impetus for this choice).  Due to my natural aptitude in science, my experiences with my own issues, and my overwhelming desire to be able to help in any situation I could; I made my choice. 

I was a 2 sport athlete in college on scholarship for both football and wrestling.  Once those ended I changed my focus to rugby.  I was on scholarship for it through my chiropractic college, which recruits and gives scholarships to athletes from around the world.  I then embarked on an odyssey that still hasn’t ended.  My playing career finally for the last time ended in 2012.  I have played in 2 countries, countless states, and for 6 teams (including a cameo for the Navy).  I have coached both the men and women of Detroit.  For the last 5 years I have stayed active with refereeing.   I finished my education graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa March of 2002.  I have practiced in Michigan continuously since then.  My wife and I have 2 boys and a girl which keeps us very active.  I have been helping to coach my son’s wrestling club in the winters as well. 

My work ethic was shaped by growing up on our family farm outside my hometown of 500 people.  My parents worked full time jobs and I played 5 sports per year in high school, so we farmed at night when everyone else had gone in for the night.  If something broke we were up as long as we needed to be to be ready for the next night. 

I have treated every type of patient possible from all 3 of my kids within 2 hours of their birth, to professional athletes, to motor vehicle injuries, to my oldest a fascinating 110 year old woman who was a burlesque dancer in Paris France in World War II.  Given my own experiences in athletics, with my own significant injuries, I have a wealth of experience in treating all aspects of the spine.  I also have a specialized technique for treatment of the shoulder.  I employ over 10 techniques for adjusting the spine, and work tirelessly to find the technique that is right for each patient.  I utilize a mechanically vitalistic view of the body.  It is a beautiful machine that can do amazing things functionally, but only if it’s structure (the spine) is in its optimum condition.  I look forward to working with you to optimize your function through correcting your spine.